BGMI TDM Tips: How To Get More Kills In Deathmatch


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a fun and thrilling battle-royale game. However, we may not always have the time to complete an entire classic match and may just be looking for a quick hit of action.

The TDM mode in BGMI is the best option for such people. This mode can be played in both FPP and TPP perspectives. Your team of 4 will be put up against another team of 4.

Both teams battle it out until either of the teams reaches 40 kills. Unlike in classic matches, once you are killed, you will spawn again and continue playing. 

The satisfaction of being the one with the highest kills once the BGMI TDM game is over is truly unmatched! Therefore, if you are looking for tips to improve the number of kills in Battlegrounds Mobile India TDM, you are at the right place. Here are 5 tips to get more kills:

1. Choose the right weapon 

Choosing the right gun is the first and foremost step in gaining more kills in BGMI Deathmatches. Choose a gun that provides high damage like the M762 or AKM. Alternatively, you can use guns that will provide a high bullet speed like Vector, UZI or M416.

2. Keep moving constantly 

Considering that the BGMI TDM map is much smaller in comparison to the classic maps, it is essential that you are always on the move. Giving adequate movement while shooting is also important since in the TDM matches in BGMI, there are a lot of close-range gunfights. TDM also has the additional slide feature which further helps in movement.

3. Try playing with four fingers

Adjusting and modifying your controls from the standard BGMI settings can make a humongous difference in the number of kills you can amass. One great method is to play using four fingers.

This will allow you to shoot much faster and maintain good movement while doing so. It takes a lot of practice to master this skill but it is definitely worth it. 

4. Always maintain cover

Even if you take out an enemy, his teammate can easily kill you if remain in the same place. Therefore, always remain in cover. Do not let the enemy figure out where you are. Keep changing your position after killing each enemy.

Staying near the enemy spawn can additionally help you in gaining some extra kills and catch them off-guard.

5. Use the help of your teammates

Communicate effectively with your team and ensure that you play in coordination. Even if you get killed by an enemy, your teammate can kill them as a trade. Although this will not contribute to the number of kills you get, it will contribute to the total number of kills of your team. 

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