BGMI Tips: How To Be The First To Land In The Game


In BGMI, landing quickly is essential because it gives you an edge over your enemies. Grabbing this advantage early on in the game can help you in accumulating many kills and good loot right at the start of the game.

Landing late in a hotspot is a recipe for disaster as your enemies will be fully stocked, sometimes killing you even before you fully land. Therefore, landing first is very important. Here are 5 tips to land faster in BGMI.

1. Pick your landing spot according to the flight path

Deciding where to land is the first and foremost step in landing faster in Battlegrounds Mobile India. You may have a fixed spot that you like to land in. However, it is also important to check the flight path as your desired location may be very far from the flight path.

This will make you land much slower, or you might not even reach the spot at all. The flight path can be easily viewed on the mini-map on Spawn Island itself before the game starts.

Therefore, allotting some of the time on spawn island in BGMI when we usually run around aimlessly, punching people can be put to good use in planning where to land.

2. Mark your location

Once you have decided where to land in a BGMI game, place your marker on the point in the map. This marker will help you to ascertain how much distance is between you in the flight and the drop location, which will help you understand when to jump. This takes us to our next tip for landing faster in BGMI

3. Jump at the right time

Even if your landing spot is right on the flight path line, do not wait until you are directly above it to jump. Your enemies will already be waiting for you with fully stacked loot! Instead, plan your jump ahead of time.

In larger maps like Erangel, jump off the flight 750-780m from your drop point. In smaller maps like Livik in BGMI, it is recommended to jump when you are around 440m away.

4. Use the correct angle

Another important tip to keep in mind is to angle your jump in the correct way. The best angle is the ‘10 o clock angle’, i.e, wherein the set angle will be between North and West.

Landing straight down gives the fastest landing. However, this 10 o clock angle combined with the right distance will give you the quickest landing, rather than waiting to be directly above the landing spot.

5. Understand when to open your parachute

The timing of opening your parachute is also crucial to landing accurately in BGMI. If your dorp location is close to the flight path, do not open the parachute too quick.

You can rather wait for it to open automatically. However, if your drop location is far away, you will have to open your parachute beforehand so as to enable you to glide to your drop spot.

It takes a lot of practice and effort to master the skill of landing properly and quickly. Incorporate these tips, and you will be the first to land!

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