BGMI Tips: How To Survive Till The Final Zone


BGMI, or Battlegrounds Mobile India is a survival-based game. Although amassing enough kills is also important, at its very core, BGMI accords importance to survival. If you are looking to increase your tier ranking, or just earn that much-loved chicken dinner, learning how to survive for long is essential. Here are some tips that will help you survive till the final zone.

1. Choose the right landing spot

Where you land may have a big impact on how you start a Battlegrounds Mobile India game. Landing in a region that is not a hotspot is essential if your goal is to survive. You may want to loot as quickly as you can with any weapon and armour you can find.

You might need to wait for a long before finding excellent loot if you are in a barren location with few resources. Therefore, it is crucial that you are aware of your landing spot. Landing in a residential area might be helpful if you want to be safe.

2. Do not unnecessarily engage in combat

Knowing when to strike and when to defend requires a lot of strategizing. You may frequently get the chance to attack a player who is passing by. Yet, picking a battle might get you into trouble if you are not well-armed and armoured.  Choose your battles wisely. It is sometimes better to remain hidden and wait for the ideal opportunity for surviving in BGMI.

3. Take adequate cover

It is advisable to continue moving while in cover in BGMI. If you are in an open place, we advise that you lie down and carefully exit the area. Although you might not be shot in the open, you might be followed for a time and shot when you least expect it. Take cover while you are under fire or when moving through wide spaces.

4. Stay with your squad

Rushing away alone would not be a good idea if you are playing with a team in BGMI. You could run into a full opposing squad. It is advisable to remain with your team because doing a squad wipe requires a tremendous level of expertise. In this manner, you can advance to the finish line without encountering major difficulties.

5. Keep healing yourself

When your health is low, you don’t want to become involved in a gunfight. It is best to withdraw and give some time to rejuvenate before returning. It’s also a good idea to utilise the first aid kit before rejoining a fight.

If your teammates are far away or dead, revival may be challenging, so be careful to hide for regeneration. Furthermore, carry additional health packs with you for speedy recovery.

Incorporating these tips in your gameplay in BGMI can assist you in reaching that final zone with little to no difficulty!

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