BGMI Unban News: New Update By Krafton Might Signify Return


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) received a fresh update pertaining to in-game features on February 27. BGMI’s publisher and developer, Krafton, offered special events that they subsequently removed. But, adding additional in-game events has undoubtedly given rise to rumours about the BGMI return date.

There were already rumours floating around about the BGMI ban being lifted, which has been banned for close to seven months. Even though the game hasn’t gotten a new version update in months, the most recent “content” upgrade may have led to certain recent allegations made by various influencers in the gaming community.

UC Prices in INR

Recently, UC pricing that had been displayed in US Dollars after BGMI was banned began to appear in Indian Rupees. Further unverified sources stated that Krafton would likely relaunch Battlegrounds Mobile India by the middle of April 2023.

It should be emphasized, however, that there is no way to verify the accuracy of such reports because Krafton has been silent regarding the BGMI unban date. Hence, nothing is clear despite the social media speculations surrounding the suspension of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton on BGMI return date

The return of Battlegrounds Mobile India is unclear, but Krafton has used a few occasions to demonstrate its interest in the Indian gaming industry. Krafton has been focusing on many projects, the most recent of which is the Indian version of Road to Valor Empires, while simultaneously taking steps to resume BGMI’s activities in India.

A few weeks ago, during a Q&A section of the gaming company’s FY2022 earnings call, Krafton CEO Chang Han Kim addressed the issue with Battlegrounds Mobile India.

He spoke to the gathering by saying: “BGMI India, we have put in a lot of effort to bring about the unbanning of the sanctions, and once the ban is removed, we believe there will be offered additional and significant growth opportunities.”

While this renews hope about the BGMI unban date, fans must wait till there is an official announcement by Krafton.

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