BGMI Unban News: Scout Drops Hints About BGMI Return

BGMI unban

Tanmay “Scout” Singh, a professional player of BGMI, recently engaged his followers live on Instagram. He said throughout the conversation that he and his supporters will soon get some good news. He added that the good old vibes will be returning soon.

In response to a fan’s question on the lifting of the ban on Battlegrounds Mobile in India, Scout stated to be optimistic since everything appears to be going quite well.

He added that this year will be enjoyable for us and it will be a fantastic year. Considering Scout’s in-depth involvement and knowledge of the eSports industry, his words can be believed by BGMI fans.

Other Indian eSports creators on BGMI unban

It’s intriguing to see that Scout is not the only individual who believes that the BGMI unban date will be soon. Several prominent Battlegrounds Mobile India players in India have reiterated the same.

Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant and Piyush “Spero” Bathla, for example, have stated they believe this year would be satisfying for game enthusiasts.

Dynamo remarked on one of his most recent streams that there will be a lot of wonderful news soon. When questioned about the game’s return, Spero informed his viewers that everything he had seen was optimism about BGMI.

Hearing these positive news from Indian eSports players gives hope for eager BGMI fans who have been waiting long for the BGMI unban.

When is the BGMI return date?

Although Scout and other well-known figures in the community have made statements suggesting that Battlegrounds Mobile India would be unbanned this year, one should control their expectations as the developers haven’t made any announcements about it yet.

There is a huge likelihood that the BGMI unban will take place in 2023. However, the exact date is still unknown. There are a lot of good signs about the game’s comeback and hopefully, Krafton will make an official announcement soon.

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