Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4 Veiled Uprising – New Events & Modes Coming Soon

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Veiled Uprising introduced a new Battle Pass, Credit Store upgrades, and tweaks to weapon balance. 

It was released recently. Players witnessed Battle Royale Alcatraz return during the first few days of the most recent COD Mobile season. This was coupled with the debut of the brand-new BR mode “Ground War: Skirmish” on the Isolated map.

The Call of Duty Mobile developers now want to provide fresh events and gameplay features in the month of May.

BR Alcatraz, the Go Big or Go Home Seasonal Challenge, Ground War: Skirmish, the Melee Soiree Featured Event, and Ground War (MP), among other things, were all added last week. 

Call of Duty Mobile New Events

Here are the new events and features that will be incorporated in May 2023, along with their release dates:

  • Volcanic Ash Draw (the lucky draw featuring OTs 9 – Malebranche and Lazarus – Demonic Warrior as key rewards) – From May 1 to May 14
  • Golden Week Sale (an in-game sale offering discounts on Lucky Draws, Battle Pass tiers, COD Points, and more) – From May 1 to May 5
  • Shipment 24/7 (Multiplayer mode) – From May 2 to May 4
  • Sidearm Scuffle (Seasonal Challenge for Makarov pistol) – From May 2 to May 31
  • Shadow of the Blade Draw – From May 3 to May 16
  • BR Sniper Isolated (Battle Royale mode) – From May 4 to May 10
  • Fire the Cannons (Featured Event) – From May 5 to May 11
  • Scrapyard 2019 24/7 (Multiplayer mode) – From May 5 to May 11
  • Arsenal 24/7 (A Multiplayer mode playlist for the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 MP map Arsenal) – From May 5 to May 18
  • 10v10 Collection (Multiplayer mode) – From May 5 to May 7
  • The Lost Treasure (Themed Event) – From May 5 to May 18

Activision released the “Shadow of the Blade Draw” as a lucky draw in August 2022. It included the Epic Hidora Kai camo and the Legendary ASM10 blueprint. 

BR Alcatraz has continued to be a part of the in-game roster and will be active until May 7, 2023. This is in addition to the events and modes stated above.

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