Fortnite x Star Wars Collaboration Announced: Release Date, Skins

Fortnite x Star Wars

The official launch of the next Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2, 2023. 

A number of brand-new cosmetic and gaming items will be included. The Item Shop for Fortnite will finally stock Anakin Skywalker, which is the most essential addition. 

Although the information about the collaboration was recently leaked, Epic Games has now confirmed this information.

The upcoming game update will include the Fortnite x Star Wars event. Given that Epic released the v24.20 patch earlier in April, a further major patch is anticipated in the first few days of May.

The Fortnite v24.30 update will also include a great deal of brand-new content in addition to the collaboration. 

This involves changes to the gameplay and map as well as non-crossover event-related cosmetics.

Fortnite x Star wars

15 Star Wars characters, including Han Solo and Darth Vader, have been made available in Fortnite by Epic Games. 

On Tuesday, the game developer will add at least one more, Anakin Skywalker, so this number will rise.

Darth Vader was a part of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass whereas his son Luke Skywalker was released in November 2022. The new skin will depict Anakin as a Jedi long before he turned to the dark side.

Popular Fortnite leaker Hypex claims that the forthcoming Fortnite x Star Wars event will include new Mythic weapons. 

Fans may anticipate the Mythic lightsaber making a brief comeback in Fortnite as a result.

Additionally, Mythic items using the Force will be made available by Epic Games. These resemble the Marvel superhero abilities that were obtainable in Chapter 2 Season 4. 

The leaker also states that other skins will be released alongside the collaboration.

It would be fascinating to see if the next Fortnite x Star Wars event includes the availability of lightsabers as cosmetic items, since this is something that many gamers have requested from Epic Games. 

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