Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 4 Leaks: All Details, New Bundles

Free Fire Booyah Pass

There have been several new leaks revealing upcoming new content since the most recent Free Fire update was released. Before it was officially announced, information on the impending Season 4 Booyah Pass rewards have surfaced.

According to the leaks, the Free Fire Booyah Pass offers stylish clothing, several pistol skins, and cosmetics for various other products. However, gamers must use Diamonds to buy the premium pass versions in order to receive all the rewards. Then, in order to earn EXP and advance in the BP’s ranks and acquire its benefits, they must perform a few tasks.

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 4 Rewards

On April 1, 2023, Free Fire Booyah Pass’s fourth season is slated to start. It will be themed after the Wave Watchers. The following rewards are anticipated to be included:

  • Level 1 – Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate and P90: Modern Aquarium (30 days)
  • Level 10 – Desert Eagle: Fishy Delight and Marian Grace Bundle
  • Level 20 – Merry Fishy Banner and Bubble Waters Banner
  • Level 30 – P90: Modern Aquarium (3 days) and Fishy Loot Box
  • Level 40 – Fish Tank ZoomerLevel 50 – Fishy Eyes Parachute and Uncharted Sapphire Bundle
  • Level 60 – Bubble Waters Avatar, Happy Fishy Avatar, and BP S4 Crate
  • Level 70 – P90: Modern Aquarium (3 days), and Grenade – Portable Aquarium
  • Level 80 – Paper Boat Surfboard, P90: Modern Aquarium (30 days), and BP S4 CrateLevel 90 – P90: Modern Aquarium (24 hours) and BP S4 Crate
  • Level 99 – Evolution StoneLevel 100 – P90: Modern Aquarium (permanent) and BP S4 Crate
  • Level 105, 110, 115, 120, and 125 – BP S4 Crate
  • Level 130 – Piscine Bat and Galaxy Hyperbook Token Box
  • Level 135 – BP S4 CrateLevel 140 – Little Submarine Backpack and BP S4 Crate
  • Level 145 – BP S4 CrateLevel 150 – Pet Skin: Aqua Kactus and BP S4 Crate

Despite the fact that these leaks originate from several trustworthy sources, it may or may not turn out to be true. The Free Fire Booyah Pass and rewards may not be included in the official release of this game.

Players may upgrade their Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 4 for 499 Diamonds whenever the game’s developers release it. The Premium Plus version will cost 999 Diamonds.

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