Free Fire MAX Alvaro Top Up Event: Details, Free Rewards

Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX has been releasing numerous Alvaro-themed events to commemorate the Alvaro Awakening that was added via the Free Fire OB39 update. The next Alvaro Top-Up event is now live in the game. By acquiring a particular amount of diamonds, it offers a Treatment Pistol skin and a legendary backpack as rewards, both of which are free.

On March 29, 2023, Alvaro Top-Up, a brand-new event in Free Fire MAX, began. The last date of the event is April 4, 2023. Players can buy diamonds during this time to acquire the Evil Grenadian Backpack and Fiery Rush Treatment Pistol.

Alvaro Top Up Prerequisites 

The following two conditions apply to Alvaro Top-Up:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to receive a free Treatment Pistol – Fiery Rush
  • Purchase 300 diamonds to receive a free Evil Grenadian Backpack

Luckily for Free Fire MAX players, 300 diamonds are sufficient to satisfy both criteria. To get the diamonds needed to get the two rewards for free, users only need to pay INR 240.

How to get free rewards in Alvaro Top Up in Free Fire MAX

Here are the steps you can follow to top up your account with diamonds and obtain the rewards from the Alvaro Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX:

  • Launch Free Fire MAX and open the top-up section. On the screen, a list of diamond packs will show up.
  • You can buy the pack for INR 240 because the top-up event’s prerequisite is 300 diamonds. 
  • Complete the purchase using the payment option of your choice. You will thus get the diamonds in your account.
  • Once the diamonds have been credited to your account, you can redeem the Alvaro Top-Up event rewards.
  • Click the calender button to open the events section, then choose Alvaro Top-Up from the list of Alvaro Reignition events.
  • To collect the rewards, select the Claim button.

The weapon skin will now be available in the Weapon section of the Armory category. The bag skin will be available in the Vault area. For Free Fire players, this is the best time to top-up their diamonds and earn these exciting rewards. 

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