Free Fire MAX Arctic Ring Event Details, Rewards, And More

Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX now has a new Arctic Ring event. The primary prize pool includes four magnificent outfits and other cosmetics, and the exchange part of the new Luck Royale also has a number of additional alluring bundles.

Players will need to utilize diamonds to take advantage of this chance and get goodies like the Arctic Blue Bundle. 

Contrary to other Luck Royales, players can buy a variety of things with the tokens they collect.

Starting on May 2, 2023, the new Arctic Ring will run until May 15, 2023 in Free Fire MAX. 20 diamonds can be used to purchase one spin in this Luck Royale game, and 200 diamonds will buy 11 spins.

There is no predetermined chance attached to any one of the specific items; instead, you can choose one of the items at random from the reward pool after making the spins. 

Free Fire MAX Arctic Ring Event Rewards

The following is a list of rewards that are available:

  • Arctic Blue Bundle
  • Ice Blue Bundle
  • Crimson Red Bundle
  • Flaming Red Bundle
  • Superstar Loot Box
  • Space Monster backpack
  • Ancient Rune Token
  • 2x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • 3x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • 5x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • 10x Ancient Rune Tokens

The event also has a dedicated Exchange Section where you can exchange any Ancient Rune Tokens you’ve already gathered for the rewards. The following are the alternatives that are available and the requirements:

  • Arctic Blue Bundle – 250x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Crimson Red Bundle – 250x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Ice Blue Bundle – 225x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Flaming Red Bundle – 225x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Raging Violet Bundle – 200x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Royal Amethyst Bundle – 200x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Dark Ruby Bundle – 175x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Fiery Rose Bundle – 175x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • M4A1 – Pink Laminate Weapon Loot Crate – 6x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Master of Minds Weapon Loot Crate – 4x Ancient Rune Tokens
  • Armor Crate – 1x Ancient Rune Token

How to obtain rewards in the Arctic Ring Event

To earn the rewards through the recently introduced Free Fire MAX Arctic Ring event, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Launch Free Fire MAX and go to the Luck Royale section.  
  • To enter the event interface, browse through the menu and choose Arctic Ring.
  • At this point, you can use the diamonds to initiate spins. You must continue spinning until you have either gathered enough tokens or the desired item.
  • Click the exchange icon in the upper right corner to trade the Ancient Rune Tokens.

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