Free Fire MAX Fashion Bundles Released: All Details

Free Fire MAX

The Free Fire MAX shop now features a brand-new batch of enticing fashion bundles from Garena. This debut comes shortly after the makers greatly expanded what players could obtain in the game by adding new things like Gloo Wall, gun crates, combat weapon skins, and more.

More than 15 bundles have been introduced by the developers of Free Fire, and this has surely spurred user discussion. Players can purchase these bundles, which range from 899 to 1499 diamonds, and benefit from discounts as well.

New fashion bundles in Free Fire MAX

Players can browse a wide variety of cosmetic choices in the Free Fire MAX store. The choices are now even more varied and unique. The Free Fire MAX store’s extensive catalogue of new packages and their associated prices are as follows:

  • The Flashing Spade Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • The Blazing Heart Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Dreamy Club Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Eternal Diamond Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Summer Darling Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Exiled Biker Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Banished Biker Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • The Azure Annihilation Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Tan the Assassin Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Lee the Dragon Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Alok’s Beach Bod – 899 diamonds
  • Mr. Death Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Devil Hunter Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Perfect Rhythm Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Deep Freeze Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Crystal Giant Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Blue Angel Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Pink Guardian Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Northern Cardinal Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Budgerigar Bundle – 899 diamonds

If a player has a discount voucher in their account, they may also use it to receive the price reduction. They will save about 100 diamonds as a result of this.

How to get the new fashion bundles

You can buy these fashion bundles in Free Fire MAX by following the instructions below:

  1. After logging into your Free Fire MAX account, select the choice from the menu on the left to open the store.
  2. Go to the new section by selecting the Normal Tab. You can see a lengthy catalogue of the latest bundles available in the shop.
  3. Choose the outfit you want from the options and hit the buy icon. On the screen, a fresh Purchase Confirmation dialogue window will show.
  4. At this point, you can choose any usable coupon and proceed with the purchase by selecting the button in the lower right area to confirm your choice.

Players can thus add the stunning new fashion bundles to their collection. This is one that should not be missed out by any Free Fire MAX player!

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