Free Fire MAX: How To Get Voidborne Backpack And Voidborne Sickle

Free Fire MAX

The new Free Fire MAX M.O. Top-Up event has arrived on the Indian server, giving players the chance to claim two free rewards: the Voidborne Backpack and Voidborne Sickle. The event is a part of the Monson Orakii event series that introduces new products from the company.

On February 20, 2023, immediately following the conclusion of the previous Valentine’s Top-Up event, this event in Free Fire MAX started. As in earlier top-up events in the past, you must buy diamonds to be eligible for the two rewards.

Two enticing mythic rewards are offered for free as part of the M.O. Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX. The deadline to reach the diamond purchasing criteria is February 26, 2023.

Free Fire MAX M.O Top-Up Event Requirements

The current top-up event has two prerequisites of 100 and 300 diamonds, and it offers these free rewards:

  • Free Voidborne Backpack – 100 diamonds
  • Free Voidborne Sickle – 300 diamonds

By spending 300 diamonds, you may purchase both cosmetics. This is a fantastic offer given the scarcity of the two prizes and the cost of similar items in the shop. The backpack also comes with 20 brand points from the Monson Orakii brand, which you can use to get a free loot box. As you simply need to collect the specified quantity of diamonds and won’t need to use it, these two products are virtually free to use.

How to get Voidborne Backpack & Sickle

To obtain the cosmetics through the M.O. Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX, complete these steps:

  • You must first satisfy the current top-up event’s diamond purchasing criteria. You must pay Rs. 240 for the 310-diamond bundle in order to achieve this. It is advisable to buy the remaining diamonds in the following top-up event if you want to get a bigger pack.
  • You may claim your prizes in the event area when the payment has been made and the diamonds have been added to your account.
  • The next step is to open the Monson Orakii tab in the game’s event area by clicking the calendar icon.
  • From the list of available events on the left menu, choose the M.O. Top-Up event.
  • Choose the claim option next to the rewards.
  • The Sickle will be accessible in the weapon area, while the backpack may be equipped through the vault.

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