Free Fire MAX: New M.O Ring Event Details, Rewards, All You Need To Know

Free Fire M.O Ring

M.O Ring, a new luck royale from Free Fire MAX, provides unique items such as the Void Genetype Bundle and Essential Turtleneck in addition to other themed cosmetics. Like the majority of luck royales, players must pay diamonds to get these benefits.

There is a chance to win the whole outfit line from the just introduced Monson Orakii brand. The luck royale has also attracted players’ curiosity because they have the ability to gather the necessary tokens that can be exchanged for reads in addition to receiving cosmetics as grand rewards.

Read ahead to find a detailed explanation of the M.O Ring in Free Fire MAX as well as the steps for obtaining the Void Genetype Package and other alluring rewards.

Event Dates 

On February 18, 2023, the new M.O Ring debuted on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. Diamonds must be spent before March 3, 2023, in order for players to acquire lovely cosmetics. Twenty diamonds are needed for a single spin, whereas 200 diamonds are needed for 10+1 spins.

Free Fire MAX M.O Ring Rewards

The reward pool comprises the following rewards: 

  • Essential Turtleneck
  • Lacuna Genotype Bundle
  • Silent Statement Bundle
  • Void Genetype Bundle
  • Sports Car – VentusTreble Dagger
  • Monson Orakii Token
  • 2x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 3x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 5x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 10x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 200x Monson Orakii Tokens

As they may be exchanged for a variety of rewards, these tokens are equally significant.

How to obtain rewards in the M.O.Ring 

To obtain the rewards from the new M.O Ring in Free Fire MAX, just follow the steps given below:

  • Select the appropriate choice from the menu on the left to load the Luck Royale segment of the battle royale game.
  • From the list of events, choose the M.O Ring event.
  • Determine how many spins are necessary to receive rewards. You must keep playing until you have the desired cosmetic or the required quantity of tokens.
  • Tap on the button in the upper right corner of the event to access the exchange area.
  • Click the exchange option after choosing your desired outfit or cosmetic.

Free Fire players have only until March 3, 2023, to avail of these rewards. Therefore, players must make use of this time as much as possible.

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