League Of Legends Patch 13.7 New Skin Set: Theme, Details

League Of Legends

Prior to MSI, League of Legends will be getting two updates as per Riot devs Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on Twitter. He said, “We’re 2 patches away from MSI! Meta looks close, but some adjustments.”

This indicates that several champions are getting adjustments. So far in League of Legends patch 13.7, 17 characters will receive buffs, nerfs, or other changes.

Riot Games is carrying this momentum into League of Legends Patch 13.7 with another skin set. Milio was released last week. Along with Milio, the new Faerie Court skin line was also launched.

Later this week is April Fool’s Day, and Riot will honour the occasion with a skin set that will go on sale sometime the following week.

League of Legends New Skin Set Cats vs. Dogs theme

This year, new Cats vs. Dogs skins will serve as the official April Fools’ skins. The new skins which will be released to mark April Fool’s day will be made available for Kled, Nidalee, Kindred, and Yuumi.

With his most recent skin being published more than two years ago, Kled only has three total skins in the game. This is the case with Yuumi as well, but she arrived much later than Kled. Meanwhile, Kindred and Nidalee each got skins the previous year.

All of the abilities will make allusions to cats and dogs in their animations, so the new skin set will go well with the Cats vs. Dogs theme. Riot has previously used the cat and dog theme for five other champions skins, including Fizz, Warwick, Corki, Maokai, and Rengar.

On April 5, the day after Patch 13.7 is released, players will most likely be able to buy these skins. As new sets are always made available one day after the patch update, this will follow Riot procedure for skins.

Most of the skins are anticipated to cost 1350 RP, although one may cost as much as 1820 RP.

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