PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals New Infographic About The Last Six Years

PUBG: Battlegrounds

The battle royale game that is ever-increasing in popularity, PUBG: Battlegrounds has released a new infographic to celebrate its sixth anniversary. It details everything we’ve done as a community over the last six years. It includes the statistic that there are currently over 150.7 million players of PUBG: Battlegrounds. This amounts to people from 242 different countries playing on PC and consoles for an astounding 16.3 billion hours.

Statement by Krafton

PUBG: Battlegrounds is currently completely free-to-play apart from a few in-app purchases. Krafton, the publishers of PUBG: Battlegrounds confirmed that although the game is now free, the game amassed 75 million sales even before the game turned free. “The PUBG community has expanded and changed over the past six years, resulting in priceless memories, thrilling updates, and amazing gameplay experiences – with many more still to come.” 

Krafton acknowledged the contribution of the fans of the game in making the game what it is today. They stated that while the fact that six years have already passed is simply astounding, they feel that everything they’ve done over the years is entirely due to the kind support and suggestions from the gamers. The main inspiration behind their progress, they stated, has always been witnessing how much the PUBG players enjoy playing the game.

PUBG: Battlegrounds 2023 Roadmap

Recently, Krafton provided a roadmap for PUBG for 2023. The typical caveat that future plans are always subject to modification was included. After this, the team went into depth about the new “in-game, out-of-game, and anti-cheat features”.

The PUBG: Battlegrounds 22.2 update was recently released and is now available for PC and platform users. The customary quality of life improvements and weapon balancing were included. This time around, the AUG, M16AF, Mk47, Mutant, and P90 are also getting rebalanced tweaks. 

PUBG players will also discover new items honouring the game’s sixth anniversary and a new care package weapon, the FAMAS. Also returning is fierce Battle Royale. This mode offers a new mode of play for those who like encounters that are faster and more intense.

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