PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Features Leaked: New Features & Collaboration

PUBG Mobile 2.5

PUBG Mobile 2.5 update is coming soon to the game and it appears to be an exciting one. The PUBG Mobile 2.4 patch was launched in January and included Martial Showdown-themed content in addition to new Erangel upgrades. In a few weeks, the 2.5 version will be released. It appears the devs are already preparing for the next patch update.

Recently, the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.5 was released, and ever since then, new leaks have been appearing. The introduction of 5th anniversary-themed features, along with a special mode and other exclusive features, was hinted at in the beta update’s patch notes.

In conjunction with the release of the mode centered around the game’s fifth anniversary and similar updates, some data miners have revealed information on the anticipated PUBG Mobile x Bugatti collaboration. Users can experience this following the release of version 2.5.

PUBG Mobile 5th anniversary & Bugatti collaboration

As the beta version was released, many players were eager to examine the new in-game components and look for any updates or leaks. Fans could witness a rumored Bugatti collaboration with the update.

According to the reports, Krafton/Tencent will release Dacia skins based on the Chiron line of Bugatti vehicles. However, neither the developers nor the publisher has provided any confirmation. Therefore, it might be unlikely that the PUBG Mobile and Bugatti crossover will occur. 

A series of 5th anniversary-themed content may be included in the game. This can be discerned from the material featured in the beta version, in addition to Bugatti’s collaboration with PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile will reach its fifth anniversary in March 2023. Hence, in addition to its distinctive features, which are detailed below, fans will also get to experience a themed mode/arena based in Erangel.

New features

Here are the new features that will be brought in via the PUBG Mobile 2.5 update:

  • 5th anniversary-themed areas: There will be a place named Imagination Plaza in the themed mode. By settling down in certain constructions in the plaza, one can open boxes and get a variety of sophisticated resources. Players can fight for a bigger container with the 5th-anniversary logo. It is placed in the center after opening the four designated structures. There will be more supplies in the huge container. These item crates will also be dispersed around numerous smaller themed regions collectively called the Imagination District.
  • Block Cover: Block Cover, which consists of three shapes and is available in crates all over the area. It may be used to generate a defensive wall. Players can also utilise these as a bridge, an elevator, or cover.
  • Portable Trampoline: Another item that may be found in the crates scattered over the area instantly lifts the players into the air.
  • Portable Cannon: Portable Cannon is also accessible via crates everywhere across the Erangel, much like the first two items. It may be set down and used to launch characters and other throwables a long way.

There will also be other changes and enhancements, such as Camera 3.0, throw trajectory, new Daily Login rewards, and more. Players may not see all of the features indicated in the beta version since, as stated in the beta version, the content does not reflect the final quality. Players who have installed the PUBG Mobile 2.5 beta version will nevertheless get a good idea of what is coming in the upcoming update.

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