Splatoon 3 x Instax Collaboration- New App And Printer

Splatoon x Instax Collaboration

Several companies across genres are entering the gaming industry with collaborations to cater to the massive gaming community. Now, Instax has revealed its newest partnership with Nintendo, tying in Splatoon 3 with its Mini Link printers and Nintendo-based smartphone app. A limited-edition Instax Mini Link 2 and exclusive Splatoon 3 features are part of the latest Instax and Nintendo collaboration.

The Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app will feature Splatoon 3 characters. It will also feature a new colour variation of the Instax Mini Link 2 and a new printer. Additionally, there will also be a special edition that includes a silicone Splatoon 3 cover. On January 19, all items will go live, including the upgraded Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch software.

How does the Splatoon 3 x Instax printer work?

The software integrates with a Nintendo Switch console so that in-game captures may be printed with a variety of character-themed effects, stickers, and special frames. This is similar to how the Instax Mini Link SE offered a tie-in with New Pokémon Snap. Applying effects to games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario, New Pokémon Snap, and, as of recently, Splatoon 3 allows you to customise the look of your Instax Mini photographs.

The Special Edition Clay White Mini Link 2 variety supports the regular Clay White model, which will continue to be the base. However, this model has black detailing on the front power button and film ejection slot to give it a more fashionable appearance.

Splatoon 3 x Instax Printer Price

The new Splatoon 3 x Instax printer retails for $99.95. A package with a silicone Splatoon 3 character case will also be offered. It will cost $119.95 and will be identical to the Mini Link SE with Pikachu cover. A unique Instax picture album with a Splatoon 3 theme will also be sold separately as an attachment. You can download the free app to enjoy the features. You have to launch the Mini Link app on your phone and scan a QR Code on the Switch to link your devices and print your screenshots with a selection of different frames and stickers.

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