Valorant Reverie Skins: Details, Price, Release Date

Valorant Reverie Skin

Valorant is a first-person shooter game that comes up with wonderful innovations in terms of weapon skins that are aesthetically pleasing. According to a tweet from ValorLeaks, a trustworthy source of information about Riot Games’ Valorant, a brand-new skin bundle is on the horizon in Valorant. The bundle, most likely titled Reverie, will include melee and gun skins, and it will feature a stained-glass mural-inspired design.

Every few weeks, Riot Games routinely updates Valorant with new skins. Five categories have been established for the skins: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra. The Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive skins have dynamic design features and unique effects, in contrast to the conventional Select and Deluxe skins that lack special effects.

Release Date

The Reverie skin bundle will be available with the arrival of Patch 6.03. The patch includes improvements to Killjoy’s Turret and Lockdown as well as Raze’s Boombot, whose duration has been cut in half. Real-Time Text Evaluation will also be included with this patch for the North American server.

Weapon skins

The weapon skins that will be a part of the Reverie Bundle are:

  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Marshal
  • Classic 
  • Knife

The new skin line mimics the design of colored glass murals, as was previously reported. The skins feature a very classical aesthetic for Valorant. Each skin tone is a distinct color and combined they resemble a mural on a church wall. 

Price of Reverie Skin Bundle

There doesn’t seem to be any premium animation included in the skins. As a result, these skins will probably be categorized as Deluxe as they include design features that elevate them above just simple skins with varied colors.

While individual gun and melee skins would cost 1275 VP and 2550 VP, respectively, if purchased separately, Deluxe skins are reasonably priced at roughly 5100 VP for the full package.

The VCT LOCK/IN capsule, which comprises a knife skin with regional variants and corresponding player card possibilities, will be sold in the shop with the Reverie Bundle. Additionally, it features an in-game spray that depicts Raze applauding. The Reverie package will probably be available in the store until Episode 6 Act 1 is completed.

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