Valorant’s New Agent To Be Released Soon: All You Need To Know


Three Valorant agents are reportedly set to debut in 2023. Gekko was the first of these three to launch, which happened during VCT LOCK//IN. 

The many roles that the agents would perform, including Gekko’s position as an initiator, have previously been made known by Riot Games. 

The debut of a new Valorant Agent has now been anticipated for 2023. The agent received the initial hints from Valorant Episode 6 Act 3.

This agent may assume the position of Sentinel or Controller. This is depending on what Riot Games considers to be the best addition to the group. What is currently known about the agent is listed below.

New Valorant Agent 

A new agent will soon be introduced, according to a tweet from well-known Valorant leaker VALORANTLeaksEN. 

He made a suggestion that the playercard that was introduced in Act 3 of Episode 6 is the teaser for the new agent. 

The Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 battle pass includes the playercard titled Death Trap.

The function of the agent is heavily hinted at. The number “008” is engraved on the edge of the shield as a hint, leading gamers to believe that a spider served as inspiration. 

This theory is based on the fact that the previous agent was modelled after the reptile Gecko, after whom the agent was named.

According to several fan opinions, Act 8 may be the release date of the 008 Agent. Nevertheless, until the agent is released, neither of the theories can be proven.

Fans have also speculated that the shield on this agent may be a reference to SmokeDancer. 

Fans speculate that this could be an extension of the agent who was previously alluded to by the movement in the centre of the shield.

It is important to remember that as of now, these are mere leaks and speculation. Only time will tell whether these speculations are true.

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