A Comprehensive Review Of Tekken 8

Tekken 8

The most recent in the legendary Namco fighting game series, Tekken 8, pits a group of flamboyant warriors against one another in an enclosed arena as they attempt to win the King of Iron Fist competition. 

In the Arcade and Story modes, players battle against increasingly difficult computer-controlled opponents; in local or online Versus matches, they battle against one another.

Characters can circle each other instead of only moving on a 2D plane in 2D fighting games like Street Fighter, which adds a sense of depth. The combat system is also highly dissimilar. 

The fundamental move set in Tekken consists of two kicks and two punches; throw is accessed by hitting two buttons simultaneously. Each of the four buttons controls a different limb.

In order to access more potent combinations (combos), button presses can be combined into sequences. Short and long direction presses on the D-pad or analog stick enhance force. 

Techniques include kicking and jabbing opponents quickly to wear out their defenses or throwing them into the air and juggling them like a crazy circus show.

Tekken 8

Every combatant has a unique technique that combines attacks that are almost mystical with actual martial arts in Tekken 8. The rival Mishima family, who resemble the Roys in Succession but engage in a lot more wrestling and hurling themselves into volcanoes, has a ridiculous past. A gigantic panda is one of the game’s characters.

With its 32 brilliantly rendered, elaborately animated characters who are brimming with personality and swagger, Tekken 8 is a graphic and technological marvel. 

Along with three newcomers, Victor, Reina, and jittery coffee fiend Azucena, there are seasoned combatants like telepathic wildlife protection officer Jun Kazama (returning after a long absence) and rogue American street fighter Paul Phoenix. 

All of them, including Nina Williams in her violet outfit with tassels, Sergei Dragunov in his high-heeled biker boots, and the terrifying cyborg Jack-8 with his pulverizing extending fists, look and feel amazing.

Characters on this big of a roster can feel alike, but there is actually a lot of difference.

It’s also a wonderful sneak peek at the online multiplayer feature, where you can take your avatar to the Fight Lounge, a bustling area. There, you can meet other players and challenge them to duels.

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