BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 3 Details, Schedule, Teams

BGIS 2023

64 out of the 128 contestants who participated in the BGIS 2023 The Grind Phase 2 have made it to the final phase after the two-week-long round. 

For Round 3, which will be held from August 17–20, the qualifying teams will be seeded into four groups. 

The teams who did not advance to this round will compete in the BGMI India Series 2023 In-Game Qualifiers.

Each group will compete in six games during The Grind’s final round, with the top eight earning a place in Round 3 of the BGIS main tournament. 

The teams who finished 9th to 16th in each group will be chosen to compete in Round 2 of the India Series. 

This also indicates that all 64 of the teams listed below have reserved slots for the 2023 Battleground Mobile India Series out of the 256 invitations to The Grind event.

BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 3 Teams

The 64 teams who will compete in the third round are listed below.

  • Team Mayavi
  • Reckoning Esports
  • LOC Esports
  • Gods Reign
  • Liquid Esports
  • R4W Official
  • 4 Aggressive MAN
  • Ruling Since 80’s
  • Big Brother Esports
  • Hindustan Gaming
  • Orangutan
  • Lucknow Giants
  • 7HABIT
  • Dragon Esports
  • HUB Esports
  • Gladiators Esports
  • CS Esports
  • WSB Gaming
  • Marcos Gaming
  • Team Rebel
  • Galactic Gamers
  • Chemin Esports
  • TWOB
  • Midwave Esports
  • Team VST
  • Skulltz
  • ACID Esports
  • Redemption Crew
  • Velocity Gaming
  • Team GodLike
  • Norules Xtreme
  • Aslaaa Esports
  • Hyderabad Esports
  • XNOR Esports
  • Revenge Esports
  • GE Phoenix
  • Team Mayhem
  • War Mania Esports
  • X7 Esports
  • Autobotz Esports
  • Team Silent Killers
  • SPY Esports
  • Medal Esports
  • Intrepid Esports
  • Bloodrose Esports
  • FS Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Blind Esports
  • Gujarat Tigers
  • Mavericks
  • Error Esports
  • RVNC Esports
  • Genesis Esports
  • Team Tamilas
  • Signify Esports
  • Team Soul
  • Team Psyche
  • TF5x7Hills
  • Growing Strong
  • OR Esports
  • X7 Wolves
  • Team Tribal Esports
  • Spyder Esports

Team Mayavi was the top team in Group 1 at the start of The Grind Round 2, while Big Brother and Gladiators Esports took first and second place in Groups 2 and 3, respectively. 

In Group 4, Midwave Esports had a fantastic performance and won first place.

Aslaa Esports prevailed by winning three Chicken Dinners when Group 5’s squad competed on August 10, 2023, during the second week of The Grind.

In Group 6, Autobotz Esports earned the top spot. In Group 6, Blind Esports displayed overwhelming superiority, scoring 133 points in their six games. 

With more than 110 points in six games, Team Soul had a solid performance in the previous group.

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