BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Winners: Revenant Esports

BGMI Multiverse Series

The winners of the recently-concluded BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 are Revenant Esports. In thirty matches over the course of the five-day Grand Finals, the team scored 283 points. 

Day 3 saw the Sensei-led team ranked sixteenth, but they won the event because of their decisive performance throughout the next three days. Their triumph earned them a monetary award of ₹3 lakh.

Former Gods Reign players Aquanox and Blaze joined Revenant Esports earlier this month. Both players performed admirably in the BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals, together with Sensei and Fierce. 

They had five Chicken Dinners registered in this Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament. The organization plans to provide a comparable level of performance with the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series.

BGMI Multiverse Series 2024

With their success in the BGMI Multiverse Series 2024, Team Tamilas also made an impression. With 265 points and 110 eliminations, the squad was able to earn the runner-up spot. 

In thirty games, they managed four Chicken Dinners. Manty, Maxxy, and MrIGL gave outstanding performances the entire time.

In this event, GodLike Esports at last found their groove, coming in third. With one Chicken Dinner, 130 frags, and 265 points, the Jelly-led team emerged victorious. 

Jonathan finished the Grand Finals as the Most Valuable Player despite suffering 44 eliminations.

With 255 points, Reckoning Esports came in fourth place. Three Chicken Dinners were attributed to the group. With 41 kills, Punk, the squad’s IGL, was the second-best player.

After Day 2, Team XSpark was in a great position. However, they had some difficulties in their subsequent games and ended up finishing fifth with 252 points. 

Their squad’s SprayGod scored 40 kills. Their newest member, NinjaJod, also looked good in his debut competition competing for the team.

TWM Gaming, a young team, with 234 points and 101 eliminations to place sixth. The roster gained attention during the BGIS 2023.

Global Esports, meanwhile, finished sixth with 233 points. Although the Mavi-led group struggled in the last days, Slug and NinjaBoi had outstanding efforts.

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