Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds In 2024 

Minecraft Bedrock

A collection of incredible seeds with priceless constructions, insane loot, and more can be found in this guide for Minecraft Bedrock Seeds for 2024. Following months of anticipation following its introduction in late 2022, the 1.20 Trails & Tales update for Minecraft made its debut on June 7, 2023. 

In addition to long-desired exploration and customization-focused game features like archeology and the ability to cut designs into armor, it brought new critters, blocks, biomes, and biomes. 

The community naturally started looking for the greatest Minecraft seeds to pass on to other users right away. Thanks to the additional features in the Trails & Tales update, the end result is a collection of some really beautiful and/or helpful worlds.

1. Massive cherry groves (8150810962987124925)

The introduction of cherry grove biomes in the Trails & Tales update brought much joy to seasoned Minecraft players. They are usually found near mountains or on big cliff peaks, although they also infrequently mix with other biomes. An excellent illustration of this may be seen in this Bedrock seed.

Heading to (X: 1600, Z: -900) leads to a cherry grove with a massive and scary dripstone cave on its face, albeit the spawn place itself may not be all that noteworthy. 

Players may wish to prepare in the nearby spawn-adjacent settlement at (X: -264, Z: 184) before exploring the cave.

2. Winter Wonderland (-443499402200918276)

The vast and serene plains terrain is where you spawn from this 1.20 Bedrock Edition seed. This is where you may start and prepare for one of the most amazing views the game has to offer. 

Next, go north of where you are currently to find a large, snow-covered mountain range in Minecraft that is home to the grove and jagged peaks biomes. This gorgeous setting is ideal for creating a homey and rustic cottage.

3. Giant Flat Building Space ( -4327592569074059702)

This seed could be what you’re searching for if you’re one of those Minecraft players who just wants a level, open area for building structures on! Your start spot is adjacent to the typical forest biome, on the edge of a birch forest. 

However, if you continue east from there, you will come upon a vast biome of generally level plains with several rivers passing through it.

4. Speedrunning seed (2467932486128442968)

For gamers that wish to reach the End as quickly as possible, or for speedrunners, this Bedrock seed for Minecraft should be excellent. 

The seed itself appears quite standard at first, but after players go to the approximate coordinates of (X: 345, Y: -35, Z: 1277), things start to become interesting.

5. Village Triangle Seed (2705315471179921285)

One of the first places that gamers want to go after starting the new world is a village. Most of the time, the structures are stocked with food, with various seeds on farm beds and important loot in chests. 

Naturally, there will also be villagers for you to trade with in order to obtain some really rare materials. Thus, a village normally contributes to a world’s wonderful beginning. 

This seed, however, takes that notion and generously surrounds the spawn location with three settlements, forming a triangle. Three of them are plains villages, while two of them are variations on taiga.

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