BGMI New Valentine’s Day Update: All You Need To Know


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has launched an update that brings with it many events that offer players some incredible rewards. 

The mid-season update has also been released with a special Valentine’s Day theme in consideration of the approaching Valentine’s Day. Players will be able to employ a number of Valentine’s Day-themed elements that are included in the update on maps like Erangel.

The Valentine’s Day update for BGMI is anticipated to launch soon and will include a few special features. 

The Erangel map in Battlegrounds Mobile India contains a number of attractive areas that players can explore. There will be distinct emotes at the scenic spots that may be captured there.

BGMI Valentine’s Day Update

The Valentine’s Day update includes the following features:

  • Valentine’s Day themed 2 seater bicycles.
  • Valentine’s Day themed fireworks observation locations which can be activated by pressing the fireworks button available at the particular location.
  • Valentine’s Day themed Heart Frame photographic locations with special emotes.
  • Valentine’s Day Wishing Well which will offer level 3 loot to players.

Happy Valentine’s Day Exchange Center is a Valentine event that BGMI has already offered. The Desert Task Force Set, Desert Task Force Mask, Classic Crate Coupons, and Supply Crate Coupons are among the rewards available for this event. 

These can be earned by participating in Arena mode, playing Classic mode matches, finishing the sub-event section missions, and gathering the Valentine’s Day Chocolate, which can be redeemed for rewards from the exchange center section. 

The Exchange Center event, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” started on February 9 and runs until February 16.

The game will include a new Lucky Spin event for the Lunar New Year in addition to the Valentine’s Day update. 

This event will include two Mythic costumes for male and female characters, as well as a new Mk14 skin that can be upgraded to receive a loot box skin and an elimination broadcast animation.

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