BGMI Pro Hector Reveals Why Teams Still Play The Game

BGMI Hector

Despite the BGMI ban, many players, both professional and casual, are still playing the game.

BGMI scrims are also being held on a regular basis, witnessing participation from professional Battlegrounds Mobile India players from across the country.

In the continuing tier-one BGMI scrims, which have drawn a lot of attention and been at the center of recent disputes, professional players have been intensely grinding the game.

There has been no official news regarding the BGMI unban date. This brings forth the question of why players are still playing the game.

In response to one of his fans during a recent live stream, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh revealed why players were working so hard and practicing frequently against some of the greatest teams from all around India.

The BGMI scrim sessions, which are held every day and give players regular, high-quality practice, are sought after by all elite teams.

It has drawn a lot of scrutiny as a consequence of the numerous controversies that have arisen as a result of it. 

As everyone waits eagerly for BGMI unban date, those engaged, however, cannot dispute how enjoyable this setting has been for them.

Hector on BGMI scrims

When one of his viewers questioned Hector about why the majority of elite players had started to really grind BGMI, Hector responded with similar comments.

Hector responded by saying, “Because right after the game (BGMI) returns, immediately all the matches and tournaments will begin. 

Everyone wants to win and see their team lift trophies, so the players are taking a chance right now by practicing while the game is banned, improving individual and team skills. 

Most are playing while some are sitting with the mindset that we are godlike players and are done with everything,” explained Hector.

Players are still involved with the local mobile community for the time being by participating in the 24-team BGMI scrims that are hosted every day. 

While some teams are still experimenting with new players in search of the ideal lineup, others are playing with a set roster.

This definitely makes a lot of sense because once the BGMI unban takes place, teams will want to be well-prepared.


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