BGMI Recoil Control: 5 Tricks To Keep Your Gun Steady And Win Fast!


Mastering recoil control of your weapons in BGMI is one of the most vital aspects of the game. Every gun in the game has some amount of recoil, although the degree of recoil may vary from gun to gun.

If you do not control your recoil, your shots will not place correctly on your enemy, and thereby it will inflict lesser damage.

Incorporate these 5 tips when you play Battlegrounds Mobile India to ensure that you have your gun’s recoil under control.

1. Choose a good weapon

It is essential to remember that each gun in BGMI is different in many ways, including recoil. Some weapons have more recoil than others and thus, are not suited for long-range encounters.

Pick a weapon that has lower recoil and understand its mechanics. Some guns in BGMI have a vertical recoil, whereas others have a horizontal recoil. 

You can check this is the training grounds to get a better understanding of the weapon. 

2. Equip proper attachments

In BGMI, attachments are crucial for managing recoil. When you are shooting at an enemy, compensators, muzzles, and vertical grips may aid minimise weapon movement. They may aid in reducing the horizontal and vertical recoil of your gun, which will ease control.

Additionally, using a lower magnification scope may assist assure improved accuracy.

Therefore, look for attachments and a smaller scope, depending on your weapon.

3. Crouch or go prone

You may be able to have better stability and control over your weapon in BGMI by using crouch and prone. Either action lessens the impact of recoil on your aim. 

You can crouch or go prone, particularly during battles and while shooting over long distances.

You may improve your accuracy and better manage the recoil of your weapon by correctly using these positions.

4. Turn on gyroscope

The gyroscope in BGMI can help a great deal in controlling recoil. This is because instead of swiping down to control your recoil, you can simply move your device downwards.

Particularly when you are in the middle of a battle and require quick action, gyroscope can be extremely useful.

5. Modify your controls

By optimizing your finger placements on the screen and tweaking your sensitivity settings, you may also improve recoil control. 

In BGMI, change the sensitivity settings to fit your tastes and playing style. While a higher option helps you to cover more ground more quickly, a lower one offers smoother and more accurate shooting.

Also, pay attention to where you place your fingers. When modifying sensitivity levels, make sure your fingers are positioned so you can quickly and accurately hit the fire button. 

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