BGMI Tips For Surviving In The Last Circle


The last circle, the final battle in Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, can be the most intense and the most important part of the game.

How you perform in the last circle will determine whether you get that much-needed chicken dinner or not. 

More than during the rest of the game, the last circle requires BGMI players to strategize properly and also be skilled at their gunplay. 

Although this comes with practice, here are 5 tips that you can incorporate which will definitely help you toward winning that final hurdle before the chicken dinner in BGMI.

1. Ensure your health is at the maximum

Utilize your med kits, painkillers, and energy drinks until your health bar is at its maximum. This will give you an edge during the gunfights that will ensue in the final circle.

Considering that you are nearing the end of the BGMI game, you don’t need to conserve much of these for later.

2. Capture a good position

If there is high ground which can give you a good view of your surroundings, choose to stay there. If there is no such high ground, choose a spot that has adequate cover.

3. Spread your team out

When you are playing as a squad in Battlegrounds Mobile India, ensure that all of you are not at the exact same spot, yet not too far away. 

This is because if your enemy spots you and all your teammates are right next to you, it will become extremely easy for the enemy to finish your entire squad.

At the same time, if your teammates are too far away, they will not be able to revive you if required. Therefore, maintain adequate distance from each other and stay in cover.

4. Movement

When you are in the last circle of BGMI, it is better to remain prone and out of the eye of your enemy. 

However, if you have outnumbered your enemy and are looking for them, don’t stay completely still allowing them to get an instant kill via a sniper headshot.

If your enemy spots you, try to rotate your position.

5. Right choice of weapons

Discard your mid-range or long-range weapons before you enter the final circle of BGMI. It is necessary that you have at least one weapon that can perform well in close quarters.

Choose the weapon that best suits you and you are most comfortable with for close-range fights.

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