BGMI Tips To Control Weapon Recoil


BGMI has a wide variety of weapons that require various shooting techniques. There is still considerable recoil in the guns even though the game employs aim assist to help players get their shots on target.

Recoil is the ‘spring back’ motion a gun makes when a player uses it to fire. Unless they are aware of how to regulate it, it throws the aim off. 

Learning BGMI recoil control is always a smart idea since it provides players with an important competitive edge.

1. Understand the weapon

Every weapon in Battlegrounds Mobile India has a distinct recoil pattern according to the design. 

While some weapons’ recoil travels horizontally to the left or right, others move vertically up or down.

The best tip is to focus on one weapon at a time until the player masters it. You may enter the training arena and choose any weapon you like. 

After selecting a weapon, the player should begin shooting it against a wall or other flat object to see how the bullets leave their mark on the wall.

This will help in ascertaining if the recoil is vertical or horizontal.

2. Crouching

In BGMI, crouching or going prone lessens the recoil of weapons and improves their accuracy while shooting. When attacking enemies at a mid to long-range distance, it is best to crouch.

Although proning significantly lessens weapon recoil, it is not generally advised since it fully eliminates one’s ability to move swiftly in the event of an emergency. It should only be used sparingly.

3. Use gyroscope

BGMI players may control the recoil of their guns and the motions of their in-game avatars by using the built-in gyroscope sensor on their smartphones.

A player’s response time and aim are greatly improved by turning on the gyroscope.

Players should be aware that learning how to adjust the gyroscope’s sensitivity levels takes some practice. 

However, gamers will see improvement in their recoil control and aim after a few tries to master it.

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