BGMI Tricks: Top 5 Jiggle Movement Tips For Close Fights


BGMI, or Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the easiest games to learn, however, mastering it necessitates immense skill, practice, and knowledge about the game.

There are several movements in BGMI that players begin to learn as they become more and more familiar with the game. These movements often differentiate a beginner from a pro.

The jiggle movement is one such movement that is very helpful in aiding players in defeating their opponents. But since it requires so much practice, it is difficult to perfect.

This movement requires you to rapidly move from side to side while simultaneously shooting. This makes it difficult for your enemy to place their aim correctly. 

If you are trying to learn this skill, here are 5 tips you can use to improve your jiggle movement in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Crouching

While doing the jiggle movement in BGMI, if you use the crouch button, it will further cause your enemies to lose their aim and gives you time, giving you an advantage.

However, you also run the danger of losing if you crouch since it slows your mobility and increases your vulnerability to headshots if the attacker is aiming for your chest. 

2. Practice your jiggle-jiggle movement

The training grounds in BGMI are a wonderful place for you to practice this jiggle movement. You can see exactly where your shots are hitting the target.

Once you have practiced adequately, you can further try it out in the Deathmatch or Arena Training mode of the game.

3. Use claw control

Instead of playing with two fingers, you can change your default setup to a four-finger claw in BGMI.

On doing so, you will be able to dedicate one button entirely for movement, one for shooting and so on. This can be very helpful.

4. Use gyroscope

Turning on your gyroscope can also help in quick movement. However, it is important you remember that executing a full 360 turn may be difficult with gyroscope.

But a combination of gyroscope with your four-finger setup can be immensely beneficial.

5. Keep the crosshair on the head

In BGMI, always aim for the head. When you are practicing or executing the jiggle movement, the best way to master it is to ensure that your crosshair is always on your enemy’s head for maximum damage. 

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