BGMI Unban News: Dynamo Talks About Return Date

Dynamo BGMI unban

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been banned from the Android and iOS virtual app stores for over nine months. 

The game’s latest patch update was released by the makers in July 2022. But the Government of India’s MeitY ceased it throughout the nation because of worries about data security.

BGMI publisher and developer, Krafton, has expressed desire for lifting the game’s ban in September 2022.

However, there haven’t been any encouraging signs thus far, and it’s unclear when the game will come back.

Fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India are eager to learn when their favourite game will be back. 

They often inquire about the BGMI unban date from well-known Indian broadcasters and content producers. 

Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, who became well-known for playing BGMI and PUBG Mobile, was asked questions concerning the BGMI unban from his audience during practically every livestream on YouTube.

He responded to the fans when questioned about the BGMI unban. Read below to find out what he said.

Dynamo on BGMI unban date

Dynamo said that the BGMI unban date is unknown. It may come back tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or at any other moment, he added. 

He stated that only those behind BGMI, i.e., the developers can provide an update on the game’s comeback date.

Dynamo also made fun of content producers who mislead fans about the game’s comeback. He proceeded by saying:

“We [the content producers] are unable to provide that [update on unban]. We can only confirm that “The game is returning.” Many creators have previously made statements to this effect, correct? That’s it.”

Interestingly, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, a co-owner of S8UL Esports, recently remarked on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s unban date, while also making fun of developers who mislead their audience about unban dates. 

During a recent stream, Thug said,

“I don’t belong among them. The day I begin discussing BGMI [unban date], and it didn’t come back… You guys may unsubscribe”

There have been numerous rumours regarding the BGMI unban date. 

Nevertheless, there hasn’t been any official confirmation of its comeback, despite some positive stories and rumours.

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