Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2024 Participation Rewards Details

Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship is returning, with rewards worth more than $1 million USD. The Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) World Championship 2024 will take place in many phases, each held locally, beginning with the Open Solo Qualifier, just like previous editions. 

A few weeks later, the Open Team Qualifiers will take place after this. Numerous participation and watch incentives are being offered for the competition. 

Here is all the information you want for the 2024 COD Mobile World Championship.

Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2024

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2024 will run from April 18, 2024, to May 8, 2024. 

Players that meet the requirements can compete to win in-game items like as Epic operators and weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile. During that time, solo qualifier matches will take place all day in every area. 

For a player to be eligible for Team Qualifier, they need to score 50 points. There will be three games in each of the Open Season and Open Finals. 

From May 11-25, 2024, will thereafter be the Open Team Qualifiers. Teams in the Team Qualifier receive points for winning ranked matches. 

After the Open Qualifiers, the competition will switch to the Snapdragon Pro Series and Mobile Challenge Season, which will include a $125,000 prize pool and the first-ever live broadcast in June. 

The best teams will then go to the World Championship Finals, which will take place in October 2024 and include a huge $1 million prize pool, on October 4-6, 2024. 

During Team Qualifier, a team may participate in more than 30 Ranked Matches; however, points will only be given for the team’s first 30 Ranked Matches. 

Depending on the average ranking of the players on the squad, teams will receive a varying amount of points for each match victory. After 30 ranked matches, the top 128 teams with the most points will move on to the open season and open finals.

Participation Rewards

Rewards will be granted to players who register, accumulate qualification points, and finish ten matches.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, players may sign up by going to the Multiplayer menu and selecting the World Championship 2024 option.

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