Stalwart Esports Reveals New PUBG Mobile Roster

Stalwart Esports PUBG Mobile

On April 20, 2024, the well-known group Stalwart Esports revealed their new roster for PUBG Mobile. Considering the players’ enormous rise in international recognition while playing under the Mongolian squad, the club’s decision to split ways with the old lineup earlier this year shocked everyone. 

With the new team, the club hopes to continue its supremacy in the region. Four players from Mongolia have rejoined the team.

Now, Stalwart Esports will concentrate on the impending PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) 2024 CSA Spring, which includes a number of elite teams from the area and is set to begin on May 22. The Esports World Cup (PMWC) 2024 will be contested by the top five Super League clubs.

Falcon Esports have signed the former Stalwart Esports players. They participated in the organization’s games for almost two years and achieved several accomplishments while playing for it. 

They just participated in PMGO 2024, however their performance in their first Falcon tournament was mediocre.

Stalwart Esports PUBG Mobile Roster

The following five players have joined the team:

  1. Crita
  2. Fearless
  3. Kirito
  4. LEO
  5. Skryy

The three up-and-coming players on this five-man team are LEO and Skryy, the two seasoned players who have participated in several major events over the past four years. 

These athletes were Astra Academy competitors in the past. Skryy has been a member of Stalwart Esports since 2023. Following a brief four-month absence, he has rejoined the team.

The lineup won the PUBG Mobile Dew National Championship 2024, just now. They outperformed a number of established teams, including IHC, Sky Force, 4Merical Vibes, and others. 

Additionally, the team placed third in MESA Premier and fourth in PUBG Mobile Community Stars Season 2, respectively. Stalwarts Esports saw their incredible performances at the previous several third-party tournaments and was searching for a potential lineup.

LEO made his PUBG Mobile Esports debut in 2019 and was a key member of several other groups before that. He participated for his club under the name ZEUS Esports, which is now known as IHC, and helped them grab a place in both the PMPL South Asia Season 3 and the PMPL Championship Season 1. 

In 2023, he participated in the PMPL SA Fall and finished second with Mabetex Esports.

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