Call Of Duty Next Viewership Rewards Details, Steps To Obtain

Call of Duty Next

In addition to being the main Modern Warfare 3 showcase event, Call of Duty Next offers its audience a variety of other rewards. 

CoD recently revealed that all spectators will get four incredible in-game rewards, ranging from a simple calling card to a brand-new weapon blueprint. 

All of these items will be freely accessible and usable in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

On October 5, 2023, at 9 AM Pacific Time, Call of Duty Next will go live. It has been said that the event would serve as the “premier showcase” for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. 

The event will not only include multiplayer gaming but also zombies gameplay, the most recent Warzone and Warzone Mobile improvements, and more.

However, fans who want to watch the event from home will be eligible to win some fantastic prizes just for tuning in.

Call of Duty Next Viewership Rewards

The Call of Duty Next event will reward spectators with four exclusive Warzone and MW2 items which are as follows:

  • “Death Upload” Weapon Blueprint
  • “Robotic Gamer” Emblem
  • “Bot Ops” Weapon Charm
  • “Curve Monitor” Calling Card

The abovementioned rewards are only available during the Call of Duty Next event, and after the event is over, they are permanently gone.

By participating in the live broadcast of the event on YouTube or Twitch, you may get all the Call of Duty Next viewership rewards for Warzone and MW2. 

How to obtain the rewards

The procedure you have to complete to get them is as follows:

  • Based on the platform you are using, connect your Activision account to your PSN, Xbox, Steam, or account.
  • Depending on which streaming platform you’ll use to view the event, link your Activision account to either Twitch or YouTube. Verify that your account qualifies to get drops if you want to watch the live broadcast on Twitch.
  • Watch Call of Duty Next on YouTube or Twitch on October 5, 2023 at 9 AM PT to redeem the rewards once the accounts have been connected. Twitch viewers must manually claim the rewards from your drop inventory.

The rewards will then become accessible in MW2 and Warzone when you claim them. 

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