Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Crab: Full Details

Minecraft Mob Vote

With less than two weeks before Minecraft Live 2023, there will be a vote, just like every year. Players will take part in the third straight mob vote this year, which will be held soon. 

As previously said, Mojang has now started introducing the contenders for the position.

According to Jens Bergensten, one of the game’s senior developers, Mob Vote 2023 will have three cute animal-type mobs. 

He made this announcement at the game’s Chinese Developer Conference Live. The crab is the first contender for Mob Vote 2023, and it already seems to be pretty useful.

Starting on October 13, 2023, crabs will run as the first candidate in Mob Vote 2023. The purpose of these mobs is to aid builders.

Every crab has a huge claw that you might get in an unexpected manner.

Hopefully you won’t have to cause any problems for these cute mobs to get crab claws.

Crabs in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

If the crab wins Mob Vote 2023, a new item called crab claws will be added to the game in version 1.21. 

Builders will use crab claws as a practical tool. You won’t have to move while using this item to arrange blocks even more apart.

Crab claws are a welcome addition to the armoury of construction tools for players who have previously shied away from creating elaborate decorations or massive structures owing to the tediousness needed.

Crabs may be spotted in the mangrove swamp biomet, according to Mojang. In swamps, crabs may be seen hidden amid vines and mud blocks.

Mob Vote 2023 will start on October 13 at 1 p.m. EDT and run until October 15 at the same time. Results will be revealed on October 15 during the broadcast. 

Voting for the mob of one’s choice is open to everyone with access to their accounts. Two more mobs for Mob Vote 2023 will be revealed by Mojang over the coming days. 

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