COD Mobile: Guide To Obtain Zombie Mob Guard Skin for Free

COD Mobile

New weapons, game types, maps are added to the community with every COD Mobile season. 

Activision and TiMi Studios were able to satisfy fans with their fresh new content.

Considering COD Mobile offers a seamless, portable gameplay experience, it has amassed a vast user following. 

In order to build a sizable fan base for Call of Duty games, the developers are dedicated to providing the mobile community with some of the most exquisite skins and weapon camos.

Through Amazon’s Prime Gaming service, one can get a new Zombie Mob Guard skin. 

It’s a special operator skin for the mobile game that falls in the Epic collectible category. 

This is a terrific way for both tablet and smartphone users to get into their Halloween fun and add more cosmetics to their collections without breaking the bank.

Steps for obtaining Zombie mob guard skin for free 

Here are all the steps simplified in order to obtain the Zombie mob guard skin for free in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Enter the credentials for your Amazon account to access the official Amazon Prime Gaming page. 
  • As instructed by the website, complete the required account verification process. 
  • Click on the tile labelled “Zombie – Mob Guard Epic Operator Skin” after swiping through the list of available products. 
  • After you claim the skin, you’ll get a fresh notice and a code with which may enter to redeem the skin in the mobile game. The skin ought to be added to your loadout and made available for usage in online lobbies as soon as you redeem the code.
  • It’s crucial to remember that each user’s code is distinct and may only be applied once to an account. When the Prime Gaming promotion expires, the code will likewise become inaccessible.

Up to November 22, 2023, the whole mobile player base will have access to the skin. 

The free prize will no longer be available on the platform after this date. 

Gamers around the world are logging in to get the free reward offered and its safe to say this Halloween has been a treat for the COD Mobile community as a whole.

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