Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Participants Get Free Reward: Check Details


October is usually an enthralling time for Minecraft gamers as the annual Minecraft Live event rolls around this time frame. 

Minecraft Live 2023, much like its predecessors did not disappoint its fans as it brought in some crucial updates and modifications to the game. 

The Mob vote is another significant highlight of this event and has been well received as it provides fans a direct platform to cast their votes and bring about a change in the game based exclusively on their likings. 

Three new possible improvements to the Minecraft universe are brought about by a new Mob Vote, but only one of them will really win. 

The conclusion of Minecraft Live 2023 has brought with it the official outcomes of the Mob Vote. 

First to be voted out was the Penguin, then the Crab not too long after. 

That indicates that the Armadillo will be available in Minecraft, as part of the 1.21 release. 

This implies that players are getting a cute new mob.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Free Reward

Voting was available via the launcher, the website, and the dedicated Bedrock server. 

Anyone who voted for the mobs will now receive a unique cherry blossom cape from Mojang. 

Players who use any of the above three voting methods can claim the reward. 

However, a lot of confusion persisted in the Minecraft Gaming community when a few Reddit posts were circulated with users describing their varied experiences on claiming the free reward. 

One Redditor said that only individuals who opted to vote for the mobs using the unique Bedrock server or on the launcher would be able to receive the item, posting an image of it lately. 

These were however debunked and all the gamers had to do was vote in the Minecraft Live event through any of the voting platforms initiated by Mojang. 

Some players missed Mojang’s live event this year, despite the fact that millions of players cast their votes. 

They were really disappointed to find they would not be receiving the special cape as a result of missing voting.

This should be reason for players to vote compulsorily next year in order to not miss out on the free gifts Mojang offers upon completion of the Live Event.

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