COD Mobile: How To Get Free XPR-50 Epic Blueprint

COD Mobile

The most recent seasonal event in Call of Duty: Mobile, “Can’t Stop the Signal,” is another example of how exhilarating seasonal events keep the game’s player base captivated. 

For players that successfully perform simple tasks in the multiplayer mode, this event offers a free reward of a compelling new epic blueprint skin for the XPR-50 sniper rifle. 

The striking pattern has a vibrant purple colour and a dolphin motif with a vintage sunset theme.

How to get the XPR-50 Epic Blueprint

The chance to get the fresh epic blueprint for the XPR-50 sniper rifle is one of the key draws of the “Can’t Stop the Signal” event in Call of Duty: Mobile. 

Players may get this amazing skin for free by participating in multiplayer games and completing certain objectives. 

This magnificent blueprint may be obtained in a really simple manner.


Players are given a variety of fun tasks during the “Can’t Stop the Signal” event. Each of these is intended to test a different part of their gaming prowess. 

Players that successfully complete these tasks improve their in-game skills and get access to a variety of tempting rewards. Here are some of the challenges and associated rewards:

  • Use Scorestreaks 3 Times in MP Matches – Get Credits x 200 and Battle Pass XP x1000
  • Kill 5 Enemies with Hunter Killer Drone Scorestreak in MP Matches – Get [Shard] – The Stache and Battle Pass x2000
  • Kill 15 Enemies While Equipped With Persistence in MP – S4 2023 Spurned and Burned and Battle Pass XP x2000
  • Deploy the Care Package Scorestreaks 3 times in MP Matches – Katana – So Board and Battle Pass XP x4000
  • Kill 3 Enemies with the Cluster Strike Scorestreak in MP Matches – Get Silver Crate Coupon and Battle Pass XP x4000
  • Use Tac-Deploy Operator Skill 5 Times in MP Matches or Kill 15 Enemies with Scorestreaks in MP Matches – Get XPR-50 – Dolphins Wink and Battle Pass XP x5000

COD Mobile players can participate in the event’s objectives and challenges to win prizes and to advance towards getting the coveted XPR-50 epic blueprint.

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