Fortune’s Keep To Return In Warzone 2: Check Details

Warzone 2

Activision recently hinted at the return of Fortune’s Keep in Warzone Season 2. A few chosen content creators have received a special package from Call of Duty that suggests the highly anticipated Resurgence map will make a comeback with Season 2. 

Raven Software confirmed the map’s return at COD NEXT 2023, but they did not specify when it would be released. Thankfully, it appears that the wait will soon be over as the popular Resurgence map will make a comeback to Warzone in Season 2.

Fortune’s Keep In Warzone 2

As previously mentioned, Activision has hinted that Warzone Season 2 would feature the renowned Fortune’s Keep map again. 

A special item that content maker Outlaws Majin received from Call of Duty was recently highlighted in a post on their X account. It is mentioned in the message that just five persons have gotten this “unique package.”

The box looks to be Call of Duty Season 2 labeled on a crate. But Outlaws Majin’s caption caught hot players intrigued as it said:

“With only 5 people to receive this unique package, I am “FORTUNATE” to be able to open this with yall”

They also said:

“What do you think is inside this? Season 2 will “KEEP” the vibes going”

They allude to the return of Fortune’s Keep in Season 2 of Warzone by mentioning the terms “Fortunate” and “Keep” inside quotation marks. 

This suggests that the map will be released with the upcoming seasonal update. The streamer will open the bundle live on their Kick channel for anybody that might be interested.

Season 2 of Call of Duty is anticipated to launch on February 7, 2024, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, although the game has not yet confirmed a release date.

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