Free Fire 6th Anniversary Celebrations: How To Get Free Magic Cube

Free Fire MAX

Free Fire’s 6th anniversary celebrations have been ongoing with enthusiasm and fervour. During the last several weeks, Garena has added a lot of new activities. 

The “Free Magic Cube” event, which offers gamers a much-awaited Magic Cube, is their most recent introduction. 

The player may then use the Magic Cube to trade for any costume bundle they like from the list of options in the in-game shop.

You have enough time to complete the prerequisites since the Free Magic Cube event entered Free Fire MAX on July 14, 2023, and it will be accessible until July 17, 2023. 

You simply need to play the game for a certain period of time to get the prizes.

Free Fire Free Magic Cube Event Rewards

We have listed the rewards and conditions for the event here below:

  • Play the game for 30 minutes: 100x Gold
  • Play the game for 80 minutes: 2x Supply Crate
  • Play the game for 180 minutes: Magic Cube

You are free to choose any of the available game modes since the makers have not defined a certain game mode. 

Additionally, as the criteria are cumulative, you will only need to play for a total of 180 minutes to get all three rewards.

Most gamers should be able to get the Magic Cube without much difficulty as 180 minutes of gameplay over three days is not extremely difficult.

How to get the Free Magic Cube

The procedure listed below may be used to get the Magic Cube from the recently started Free Fire MAX event:

  • Start by fulfilling the prerequisites of 180 minutes of play in any mode. The time in a match only counts; it does not count while you are in the game’s lobby.
  • After fulfilling the event’s requirements, press the Events icon and choose the Free Magic Cube page. It will be accessible under the 6th Anniversary tab.
  • To ultimately receive your rewards, click the Confirm button that is located next to them.

When you’re done obtaining the Magic Cube, go to the in-game store’s Magic Cube exchange area. The creators have prepared a variety of costume bundles that you may exchange it for. 

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