Villager BGMI Pro Invitational Season 2: Gods Reign Emerge As Winners

Villager BGMI Pro Invitational

The Villager BGMI Pro Invitational Season 2 has concluded successfully after a slew of thrilling and gripping matches. 

Gods Reign triumphed in this tournament, displaying their exceptional skills. The team showed a spectacular comeback and great performance right from the first match of the finals, despite a difficult league stage. 

With 112 finish points and four chicken dinners, the squad scored 183 points in an excellent performance.

Gods Reign won the coveted trophy as well as a well-deserved reward of ₹10,00,000. Team 8Bit had a poor last day after originally doing well the previous two days of the Villager BGMI Pro Invitational. 

With 147 final points with the help of 92 frag points, they took first place and received a sum of ₹5,00,000.

Revenant Esports struggled the first two days, but they made a remarkable return and finished first with 137 points. 

They were rewarded with ₹3,00,000 for their relentless effort in the last match, which drove them to this place.

Entity Gaming, who had a fantastic start, saw a drop and had to settle for fourth place with 136 points. The team took home a ₹2,00,000 reward.

Even though Blind Esports did not perform at their peak during the Villager BGMI Pro Invitational Finals, they were still able to place in the top five and win the ₹1,00,000 prize money. 

Villager BGMI Pro Invitational Season 2 MVP

The winner of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for the finals was Gods Reign’s NinjaJod, who achieved an astounding 41 finishes in the 18 matches that were played. 

In appreciation for his outstanding achievement, he received a well-deserved reward of ₹1,00,000 as well.

By defeating 32 enemies, 8 Bit Beast showed exceptional talent and moved up to second place on the list of the best fraggers. 

Gods Aquanox and Blaze both showed off their might by vanquishing 30 and 27 enemies, respectively. 

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