Free Fire Luna Character Guide

Free Fire Luna

In Free Fire, characters contribute significantly to the game since they provide so many incredible abilities. 

With the use of these skills, players may enhance all aspects of their gaming, including the K/D ratio and rank advancement. 

Luna is within the category of passive characters and is not subject to any time duration. The famous Thai actress “Yaya Urassaya” served as the inspiration for the character.

Here is a rundown of all you need to know about the Luna character in Free Fire.

Free Fire Luna abilities

Fight-or-Flight is a unique passive ability that Luna has. Players’ movement speed and weapon shooting rate may both be improved with the use of this ability.

The character may be used by players to employ weapons with high damage per hit but low rate of fire.

The character is appropriate for heavy damage assault weapons and shotguns, and with Luna, the rate of fire will be increased. 

Luna’s character may be upgraded to higher upgrade levels by players with character vouchers. 

Players will be able to do this to enhance their character’s general abilities and make them more useful in both ranked and unranked matches in Free Fire MAX. 

These are Luna’s character traits at various levels of upgrade:

  • Level 1:Maximum Firing Rate Increases: 12.5, Maximum Movement Speed Increase: 10
  • Level 2:Maximum Firing Rate Increases: 15, Maximum Movement Speed Increase: 12
  • Level 3:Maximum Firing Rate Increases: 17.5, Maximum Movement Speed Increase: 14
  • Level 4:Maximum Firing Rate Increases: 20, Maximum Movement Speed Increase: 16
  • Level 5:Maximum Firing Rate Increases: 22.5, Maximum Movement Speed Increase: 18
  • Level 6:Maximum Firing Rate Increases: 25, Maximum Movement Speed Increase: 20

Players that employ weapons with slower firing rates can find considerable benefit from Luna’s Fight-or-Flight ability. 

Free Fire players may cause more damage to their opponents and deplete their mags considerably more quickly with a higher firing rate. 

Players may improve their movement speed and weapon firing rate using the character’s ability, which aids in quick mobility and improved aim tracing in Free Fire.

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