Free Fire MAX: Guide To Get 6th Anniversary Motorbike

Free Fire MAX

In Free Fire MAX, the game’s 6th Anniversary festivities have already started. There are several free rewards up for grabs for completing certain objectives. 

The Daily Reward event requires that you check in for a certain number of days in order to be eligible for free rewards such as a unique 6th Anniversary Motorbike.

The reward is definitely not something you should pass up as all you have to do is log into the game and there are no more challenging tasks to do. 

Within the current 6th Anniversary celebration on the Free Fire MAX Indian server, you may collect Daily Rewards. 

Beginning on July 7, 2023, the event will run until July 19, 2023. To earn the benefits for free, you will basically need to log into Free Fire MAX for seven days.

Free Fire MAX 6th Anniversary Event Rewards

The following are the rewards that correlate to daily sign-ins:

  • Login for one day – Free Fire Lobby: Original
  • Login for two days – 2x Pet Food
  • Login for three days – Leg Pockets Play Card (24 hours)
  • Login for four days – Armor Crate Play Card (24 hours)
  • Login for five days – Supply Crate Play Card (24 hours)
  • Login for six days – Bonfire Play Card (24 hours)
  • Login for seven days – 6th Anniversary Motorbike

Furthermore, for returning to your account after seven days, you will earn repeatable rewards, such as pet food and Play Cards.

How to get the 6th Anniversary Motorbike

Follow the instructions below to get the Free Fire MAX’s 6th Anniversary Motorbike:

  • Log in to Free Fire MAX for the first seven days to satisfy the event’s login criteria.
  • Then, click the symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen to enter the 6th Anniversary event interface.
  • Click the Daily Reward option and select the appropriate reward to claim after the event has loaded.
  • The 6th Anniversary Motorbike will be on display in your vault which you can retain forever after you have claimed it. 

Taking into consideration that Free Fire MAX players will usually have to spend close to 299 diamonds for vehicle skins, this is a great opportunity that should not be missed.

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