Free Fire MAX Project Crimson Event: Get Free Aching Power Emote

Free Fire MAX

As part of the Free Fire MAX Project Crimson, Garena has been introducing a slew of new events, with the most recent addition giving players the chance to get the Aching Power Emote. 

When the Free Fire OB40 patch was released, the creators decided to release the Orion character in-game. As a result, this particular event was made accessible.

The special event will honour the players that toiled diligently throughout the Project Crimson event to get the Orion character for free. 

The character may be obtained, and after fulfilling the prerequisites, the emote can be obtained for free.

Free Fire MAX Project Crimson

Garena said in the Free Fire MAX news section that they would be releasing the Orion owing to the tremendous demand. 

They continued by saying that they will provide players who worked hard to get the Orion character for free the Aching Power Emote.

In order to get the unique Aching Power Emote in Free Fire MAX, players who already own the Orion character may utilise him to play one match in any game mode. 

The prerequisites are rather straightforward, and many players who have been participating actively since Project Crimson began may already have gotten Orion.

Players must fulfill the condition during this unique event, which only lasts for one week. 

Additionally, the creators have said that once the OB40 update launches, they will sell the Orion character for a premium price of 30000 Gold or 1499 Diamonds.

How to get Aching Power emote

To get the Aching Power Emote in Free Fire MAX, follow these steps:

  • To begin, launch Free Fire MAX on your smartphone and hit the “Calendar” icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Next, choose the “Aching Power Emote” option from the “Project Crimson” menu.
  • Select the “Claim” button when you see the special emote on the screen to use it.

Once you get the Aching Power Emote, you may equip it by going to the Vault section.

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