Free Fire OB41: How To Use Activation Codes To Test New Features

Free Fire OB41

Free Fire players were quite excited when the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server launched. An Activation Code is required, just like with every other test variation, in order to access the unique client and utilize the additional features. 

The unique code is only provided after registration due to the server’s limited capacity, and not everyone gets one.

To increase your chances of success, create an account on the official website and submit your application. Here’s how to use the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server prior to the official upgrade.

Free Fire OB41 Activation Code Guide

To obtain a Free Fire OB41 Advance Server Activation Code and therefore gain access to the client to test the new features, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the official website for the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server.
  • After visiting the page, log in with your Facebook or Google account. You must use the aforementioned platform and have a gaming account. If not, a screen-mounted error message will appear.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you must enter a valid email address and click the Join Now option to submit your application. Not everyone receives the code, as was previously explained. 
  • If your application is accepted, you will get the activation code. Furthermore, because they are one-time-use codes, they will only be useful after being employed.  You’re recommended not to share them with anybody as a result.
  • To receive the most recent APK file, click the APK download icon on the same page.
  • Regardless of whether they have the Activation Code, anyone may download the Free Fire OB41 APK file. However, as soon as you have the code, you should download it.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the APK file to your smartphone, finish the installation procedure. Turn the option to Install from Unknown Source on.
  • Create an account on the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server and then input the Activation Code to access the client.

The new features, which include a new character, target range, ability balancing, and more, may then be tested by the player.

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