How To Effectively Use A Flare Gun In BGMI

BGMI Flare Gun

In BGMI, a flare gun is a rare weapon that is used to call for a unique airdrop. This airdrop that comes once a flare gun is shot is exceptional. 

More advanced supplies, such as crate-exclusive weaponry, top-tier goods, and sometimes even vehicles, are released than in a typical airdrop. 

Depending on where you fire the flare gun, different items will drop. You’ll get various level-three weaponry, armour, and ghillie suits if you shoot within the circle on the map.

If the player is within the safe zone, an aircraft will shortly fly over the area and drop off a crate of supplies. It drops an armoured UAZ if the player is outside of the zone.

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Regardless of which map of BGMI it is, the flare gun is a hard-to-come-by item. While you use the flare gun, a supply box is dropped, however it differs from the usual supply crates that fall from aircraft while you’re playing normally. 

Three parachutes are included with this airdrop. BGMI players must exercise caution before shooting this rare find. 

Tips to effectively shoot a Flare Gun in BGMI

  • Go outdoors. While the Flare Gun may be used within buildings, it is better to be in a wide open area while using it.
  • Select a good location and shoot the rifle into the air. The Flare Gun noise is loud. The gun fires a shot that can be heard from a distance, and a characteristic red flare is sent into the air, hanging over the player’s position for some time. 
  • Therefore, choose a place that is open and has many hiding places. Upon landing, the supply drop will start to release a yellow smoke.
  • Get out of there and swiftly loot the drop. It’s preferable to finish looting as soon as possible. It is important to leave the area immediately after looting since a flare drop draws a lot of attention. 
  • When there are other teams on the scene, you shouldn’t start a fight right away. It’s possible that more than one team is drawn to the supply crate. The crew can be outnumbered by the enemies in a gunfight.
  • Make sure that when you shoot the flare, there are no trees or buildings nearby, as the dropped crate can get stuck on these.

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