iQOO BGMI Pro Series 2024 Finals Winners, Results & Rankings


On February 2, the iQOO BGMI Pro Series 2024 Grand Finals concluded, with 13 teams moving on to the LAN Event. Entity Gaming won after putting up excellent efforts in all 12 of their games. Saumraj led the superstar lineup, which scored 107 points. The club received the ₹6 lakh first prize.

With 103 points, Team Soul took the first runner-up spot and the ₹3 lakh prize money. The organization that was favored by the fans was only four points away from winning the Pro Series. In 12 games, they scored two Chicken Dinners and 57 eliminations.

During the competition, Team Tamilas was equally outstanding and grabbed the second runner-up position with 100 points. A monetary award of ₹2.25 lakh was claimed by them. In the Grand Finals, Medal and Team XSpark were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

iQOO BGMI Pro Series 2024 Finals 

GodLike Esports, the team that won the 2023 iQOO Pro Series, has been invited to the LAN event. Since this mobile production firm has lately funded the organization, Team Soul received a direct invitation to this event. 

Eleven teams from the BGMI Pro Series Finals have qualified for it aside from them. The squads who have qualified for the next LAN event are listed below:

  • Entity Gaming
  • Team Soul
  • Team Tamilas
  • Medal Esports
  • Team XSpark
  • Blind Esports
  • Hydra Esports
  • OR Esports
  • Gujarat Tigers
  • Dark Spirit Esports
  • Gods Reign
  • Skulltz Esports
  • GodLike Esports

The Pro Series has a total prize money of ₹55 lakh, of which ₹15 lakh is given out at the finals and ₹40 lakh is set aside for future LAN events. The prize pool distribution is as follows:

  • First Place – Entity Gaming – ₹6 lakh
  • Second Place – Team Soul – ₹3 lakh
  • Third Place – Team Tamilas – ₹2.25 lakh
  • Fourth Place – Medal Esports – ₹1.50 lakh
  • Fifth Place – Team XSpark – ₹75K
  • MVP – NinjaJod (Team XSpark) – ₹50K

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