League Of Legends Leaks Reveal Briar Abilities: Check Here

League of Legends Briar

The newest League of Legends champion to be released is Briar. With an intriguing blend of an assassin’s kit and sustain provided by her enormous lifesteal, Briar seems to be an intriguing champion in League of Legends. 

Briar’s lack of health regeneration is interesting since it sets her apart from other champions and gives her a competitive edge.

Some of her skills have fascinating traits and the potential to change the meta. Which lane will be the best for her is not yet known. 

Her abilities have been leaked recently. Read ahead to find out more about Briar’s abilities in League of Legends.

Passive – Crimson Curse

Briar heals for a part of the damage taken thanks to the cumulative bleed that her attacks and abilities deliver. 

She is always hungry and obtains more healing dependent on the health she is lacking, but she lacks intrinsic health regeneration. When a bleeding enemy dies, she will additionally heal for any lingering bleed damage.

Q – Head Rush

Briar leaped to a unit and struck it, stunned it, and destroyed its armour. If Briar uses this ability while Blood Frenzy (W) is active, she will no longer prioritise enemy champions.

W – Blood Frenzy

Briar charges forward, shattering her pillory as she does so. She then goes into a Blood Frenzy, chasing the closest enemy mercilessly while giving champions priority. 

She increases both her attack and attack speeds when agitated, and her assaults do damage to a wider radius surrounding her victim.

While in a frenzy, Briar may trigger her ability once more to chomp her opponent on the next attack, delivering more damage depending on their reduced health and healing herself according on the damage taken.

E – Chilling Scream

In order to remove Blood Frenzy (W) and direct energy into a powerful scream that hurts and slows enemies, Briar refocuses her thoughts. 

She heals for a fraction of her maximum health while charging and takes less damage overall. When a scream is fully charged, it knocks back, doing more damage and stunning enemies who collide with a wall.

R – Certain Death

The first champion to be struck by Briar’s kick is identified as her target. After that, she approaches them directly out of dread of encountering more opponents and succumbs to a full-blown hematoma.

In addition to obtaining the benefits of Blood Frenzy including more armour, magic resist, lifesteal, and movement speed, she will pursue her victims until one of them dies.

It will be interesting to watch how Briar performs after her release and how she affects the pro-play meta.

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