LEC 2023 Season Finals: G2 Esports Emerge Victorious

LEC 2023

The League of Legends EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] Championship 2023 Season Finals marks the conclusion of a season that saw many teams experience success and failure. 

After the league’s format changed at the beginning of the year, this is the inaugural season finals.

The G2 Esports vs. Fnatic match-up was definitely one to watch out for and fans once again had the opportunity to see the legendary rivalry between the two teams.

G2 Esports were proclaimed the LEC 2023 Champions after they defeated Fnatic in the best-of-five (BO5) championship match with a final score of 3-1. 

Following this triumph, G2 Esports has cemented its position as one of the best League of Legends teams in Europe and secured its place in the history of LoL Esports.

G2 Esports defeats Fnatic in the LEC 2023 Season Finals

G2 Esports completely defeated Fnatic in the LEC 2023 Season Finals with a score of 3-1. With this triumph under their belts, G2 Esports will represent EMEA as the region’s top seed at Worlds 2023. 

This will be G2 Esports’ sixth time entering Worlds as the top seed from the LEC.

G2 received a reward of $70,000 USD, while Fnatic, the second-seeded team in the region, received $42,000.

G2 Esports seized momentum in game one as it put together some thrilling combinations and outplays. 

Game 2 was completely in G2 Esports’ control as well, with a good performance in the early and mid-game periods. 

With Oh “Noah” Hyeon-taek’s Kai’Sa outperforming Steven “Hans Sama” Liv’s Sivir and Rasmus “Caps” Winter’s Yone in Game 3, Fnatic recovered. These kills allowed Fnatic to prevail and survive to fight another match.

In Game 4, G2 Esports once again benefited greatly from the Rell-K’Sante combination. G2 Esports won this match in 23 minutes, making it the grand final series’ shortest victory.

Caps also finished the series with a perfect KDA of 10/0/7. Caps, the mid-laner and star of G2, also set a new record in the EMEA region, solidifying his reputation.

He has won his eleventh domestic championship, elevating him to the status of one of the top League of Legends players in the world with this LEC 2023 Season Finals trophy and title.

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