PUBG Mobile: New PDP Crate Including Sakura Samurai Set Released

PUBG Mobile PDP Crate

PUBG Mobile has announced its most recent, brand-new PDP Crate, which includes the alluring Sakura Samurai Set. 

Fans of PUBG Mobile are in for something special with this intriguing change to the game’s content.

Some of the world’s most brilliant designers have come together as part of the PUBG Mobile Ptopia Design Project (PDP) with the common objective of producing outstanding in-game content for gamers all around the globe. 

The PDP Crate is the most recent addition to this trend, which has seen PUBG Mobile continually release new crates and items to maintain player interest.

PUBG Mobile PDP Crate

The PDP Crate includes:

  • Sakura Samurai Set
  • Roseate Moonling
  • Venust Evenfall,
  • Madame Carmine!
  • Sakura Samurai Mask
  • Sakura Samurai Cover
  • Venust Evenfall Set
  • Venust Evenfall Cover
  • Roseate Cover

One of the primary ways to get unique items and skins in the game is via PUBG Mobile Crates. 

There are several crates in the game, such as classic and premium crates, and players may open these crates to get prizes by using their in-game money, UC (PUBG Mobile), as well as crate-opening cards and fragments.

A stunning piece of art, the Sakura Samurai Set is prominently displayed in the PDP Crate. Your in-game character’s look is enhanced by this magnificent set, which also ups the beauty of your PUBG Mobile experience. 

By donning this distinctive outfit, players may feel and look remarkable while engaging in intense combat in the world of PUBG Mobile.

The inclusion of the Sakura Samurai Set and PDP Crate shows PUBG Mobile’s dedication to enhancing the game experience for its devoted fan base. 

With its stunning visuals and unique items, the PDP Crate is expected to become an essential for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

PUBG Mobile players should definitely use this opportunity and get the create for themselves in the game.

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