Minecraft 1.20.10 Crawl Feature Guide

Minecraft Crawling

The official addition of a new experimental feature that lets you crawl in small areas in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition came with Update 1.20.10.

In Minecraft, learning to crawl opens up new possibilities for resource gathering, combat, and exploration. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to crawl in the latest version of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.20.10 Crawling

Crawling requires that you be in a 1×1 block rather than a 1.5 block as in sneaking. You would need to perform several difficult tasks, such as digging a hole and creating a trap door, in order to enter the crawling motion.

With Minecraft Update 1.20.10, things have been made simpler. Now all you have to do to start crawling is squat in a 1×1 block area.

Concerning the new crawling feature in Minecraft, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First of all, crawling may be done at the same speed as sneaking, which allows a quiet and covert passage across varied locations. 

It’s vital to know that a player will instantly stand up or switch to sneaking mode if they leave a space of one block while crawling.

In addition, a player will automatically switch from crawling to swimming when they come into contact with water, and vice versa.

In order to ensure a more realistic portrayal of the player’s location when swimming, the player’s model is now centered around their hitbox.

Additionally, any projectiles that players create when sneaking, swimming, or gliding will come from the camera location, improving the overall gameplay. 

Similar to this, when consuming food, players who are sneaking, swimming, or gliding will also produce particle effects, creating an immersive visual impact.

These weapons will continuously return to the player’s camera for those with Loyalty Tridents, making recovery easier and more dependable.

Additionally, bug patches have been added to address specific problems. Now that you are aware of these crucial elements, you are prepared to completely make use of the crawling mechanism inside the expansive universe of Minecraft.

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